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  Key activities of Forestry days:
  • Big events for public in cities squares (kiosk providing information, leaflets...ň, concerts, theatre, games competitions
  • Forest related environmental education - forests tours, school lecture
  • Planting trees - establishing mini-arboreta (the project "Trees of Knowledge")
  • Open Days in forestry organisations
  • Open Day in Forestry Open - Air Museum
  • Clean forests stands- garb ridge collecting from forests around the town, eliminate forbidden waste dump
  • Building the educational paths and interactive outdoor education
  • Ecological teaching activities
  • Establishing of Forestry information centres (FIC)
  • Reconstruction technical and historical forestry interesting monuments
  • Professional scientifically meetings
  • Exhibitions
  • Programmes for children suffering the onco-diseases in hospitals
  • Painting and photography competitions,  projection documentary picture from forests
  • Forester's social meeting
  • News and conferences
  • Organizing free blood taking (project Green Drop of Blood)
  • Excursion to the memorial sites of important personalities in the history of Slovakia's forestry

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