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The project Forestry days 2016 is continued by the annuals of Forestry days since 2007.
It is program of actions intended for public and intent on support and information about the field of forestry.

It takes place in four forest historical cities:

  • Zvolen
  • Bratislava
  • Poprad 
  • KoÅ¡ice 
  • the other places of country.

Project runs from the 22. April to the 1. May.

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The main aims of forest days
  • linking state and non-state forestry institutions in active communication with the entire company
  • appeal to a wide professional and lay public,
  • bring information on the meaning and functions of forest
  • closer to the work of foresters and forestry tasks,
  • support efforts to prevent the modern dying spruce,
  • emphasize the need for personal responsibility to protect forest values​​,
  • expand general awareness of biodiversity issues at different levels of society,
  • forestry tradition passed on to future generations.
Backrounds of Forestry days
  • Support of ecological education and information in Action Plan of the EU for Forestry - it contributes to improving ecological education and increasing awareness of the public on sustainable forest management and its further enhancement.
  • 21. March - World Forestry Day /1971/ - „World Forestry Day". It is celebrated more than 37 years. It supports and enhances informing the public about forestry, its contributions, benefits and overall significance. 21. March -  Day of the vernal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and  the autumnal equinox in the Southern one, was choose like day of information about three key functions of forest: providing- protection, production and recreation.
  • April - Month of the Forests (known in Slovakia).
  • 22. April - Day of the Earth.
  • Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign 2008! UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) is still in progress.
  • The most frequent issue - Norway spruce decline - it's most frequent issue in middle Europe. It explains and approaches key messages on sustainable forest management and its further enhancement for public opinion.
  • 2010 Intrenational Year of Biodiversity as initiative of UNESCO
  • 2011 International Year of Forests
  • Effort to continue in organization of following annuals "Forestry days" - to intend of motto: „Forests link generations! "
Aspects of Forestry days

Tradition - to create traditional movements, to contribute to public information about aims and tasks of forest management.

Cooperation of forestry organizations - each forestry subjects from state or private forest sector participate in the project.

Full-areas - actions are prepared by forestry organizations in each region of Slovakia.

Target groups - the project contains package of actions intended for professionals as well as for broad public (children, youth, families, adults, seniors...).

Organization - the coordinators of the project "Forestry Days" are National Forest Centre Zvolen - Institute of Forest Consulting and Education Zvolen.

Forestry days
  • carry out  under the auspices of the prime minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic,
  • join the foresters together for dynamic and methodical communication with publics,
  • give information for public about  forest importance and functions,
  • create relationship between rising generation and nature,
  • increase public environmental knowledge,
  • motivate people for assumption of responsibility for their behaviour in the relationship with environment,
  • present forestry works.

The project „Forestry days" is a national project. The aim of the project is to contribute to forming positive attitude of broad public to forests and profession of forester.

Activities of project are prepared by forestry organizations in 4 key places: Zvolen, Bratislava, Poprad, Prešov and others regions.

The project runs from 23 April to 1 May.

The project follows up the tradition of the month April as the Month of Forests and Day of the Earth (22 April).

To see more: video of Forestry days 2008 in English and the last video in Slovak language

We invite you! You all are welcome! Your forests, Your foresters.

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